Hot Rise Games Review

Introduction to Hot Rise Games          

Hot Rise Games is a new entry to the world of online games, but the provider is anything but unpolished. The studio was opened in 2021 and its first release wasthe ancient Rome-themed game Legion – Hot 1, an action slot thatis the result of a collaboration between Reel Play, Yggdrasil Gaming, and Hot Rise Games. This successful combination was then repeated for some of its subsequent releases, ensuring that players canenjoy polished games.

Hot Rise Games has some interesting titles. It is most well-known for itsHot 1 series, a collection of modern casino games utilizing Reel Play’s game play mechanics to produce exciting spins and robust bonus features.

This review will explore some of what Hot Rise Games has to offer players as the company continues to carve out a place at the industry’s proverbial table.

History of Hot Rise Games      

As briefly mentioned above, Hot Rise Games debuted in 2021. Since then, it has released a few different titles with varying themes, albeit with similar gameplay. The provider seems to focus on popular concepts with a twist, which tends to be the last spin of the round, a ‘Hot 1’ spin.

In terms of the history of the company, there is not much to mention. As it is a young provider, it does not have awards to describe and there has not been a ‘breakthrough’ moment at the time of writing. However, it should be noted that the company’sreleases have been well-received by players around the world.

Hot Rise Games Top Games    

Hot Rise Games does not have too many games to offer yet as it is still a fairly new arrival to the scene. The games that itdoes have, however, are high quality and sure to appeal to many different types of players. Legion – Hot 1, for example, is an action-packed title powered by Yggdrasil Gaming’s GATI technology and released via YG Masters. This section will look at Legion – Hot 1 in detail so that readers know what to expect before they spin the reels.

Legion – Hot 1 was released on June 7, 2021, andis Hot Rise Games’ debut title. It is a strong start in the market. The game is a low to medium volatility title thatmanages to keep players engaged despite not offering highly unpredictable gameplay. There is an impressive maximum win of €227,250.Gameplay is available on mobile devices as well as desktop platforms. Players from all over the world have the opportunity toenjoy Legion – Hot 1 thanks to its support for over 20 different languages,including:









The above is not an exhaustive list! Players in a country where it is legal to play online games might very well be able to find a common language when registering.

In terms of the gameplay, Legion – Hot 1 invites players on a breathtaking journey ranging from the peaceful life of a Roman legionary spending their days in the country to urban warfare, with plenty of riches and triumphs to make the experience an unforgettable one. From free spins to wilds and multipliers, Legion – Hot 1 is an excellent game for players who are interested in striking aesthetics and entertaining gameplay.

Hot Rise Games Notable Awards         

Hot Rise Games has yet to win any awards, but that is not a condemnation of the titles that it has to offer. Instead, it is simply the result of the provider’s recent entry to the market and the relatively small number of games available at the time of writing. Reel Play and Yggdrasil Gaming have collaborated to produce multiple games with Hot Rise Games, so players can enjoy these titles with the knowledge that there are experienced developers behind them.

Hot Rise Games Summary      

Hot Rise Games is an interesting provider with plenty to offer players. Itscurrent games have been consistently well-received, and with the backing of Yggdrasil Gaming and ReelPlay on some of itsmost popular titles, the provider seems destined for impressive accolades in the future.