Find the best Casinos in Australia

Australia happens to be the one and only country that is also its own continentin the world. It happens to beenclosed by the Pacific and Indian Oceans and all of its major cities use to be coastal but for the inland capital, Canberra. You should know that the game is very popular in Australia. Indeed, more than 80% of all adults who reside on site participate in all kinds of roulette games and you therefore find here the highest rate of gambling on the planet. Get the further information here at

Casino development in Australia

With all the interest and money to be made in this universe, it’s no wonder that multi-billion dollar projects have been slated for Australia in recent years. You could, for example, cite the case of the Casino in Cairns, which sparked an $ 8 billion development, and which has been in the planning stages for over a decade. In the same vein of project, there is also another proposal, smaller, which is in fact the Gold Coast Integrated Resort complex planned in Atlantic City for more than 2 billion dollars. Planned for Broad beach in Queensland between Sea World and the Gold Coast Fishermen’s Co-op, this project is not without controversy and these two examples cited are not sure to materialize.

Other games of chance in Australia

Australians are also big roulette consumers. On this occasion, it is also interesting to note that players spend much more on these games than those they spend on roulette. Roulette on the continent are owned by state, not-for-profit, or private sector licensed companies. But you should know that most of these lottery products have also moved into the online space to finally be accessible on the Internet.

Bingo, or more locally known as “housie” in Australia, is a popular game online and in bingo halls across the country. This game, intended for all ages, is mostly played with 90 balls in Australia. For the little anecdote of the day, it should also be noted that Australians bet more than $ 15 billion each year on thoroughbred races. While achieving an attendance of over two million admissions per year, the race actually lags behind betting on the highly popular football and rugby matches. But there are around 350 registered racetracks in Australia, however, which is a far higher figure than any in any other country.